About Us


Want to know about house8055.com?

house8055.com is our website intending to provide ideas and inspiration about your home room. 8055 is a boss term that we replace with numbers. So in a nutshell we want to give ideas and inspiration to bosses (a name that we are proud of as visitors to our website) because I am sure that the presence of visitors will make this website work.

What is content from house8055.com?

This website will contain articles about ideas, ideas, inspiration, or everything related to the room of the house. In this website we will make the concepts as minimal as possible with brief and clear explanations included with various images. This is our consideration in creating a website because in this way we can find ideas easily and according to our wishes.

What can be found at house8055.com?

Ideas, works, inspiration, and everything about the house space.

Who is house8055.com?

We are 3 people who are engaged in the design of a home room who is trying to make the best possible article with the aim of income.

We are not perfect people and if there are pictures or articles that are almost the same as others we try to make our original works possible by comparing the work of others. If there are questions or things about us, we can contact us directly through the Contact Us page. We will try to give our best answers.

Great greetings.

Maret 2019