30 Gorgeous Bathroom Island Design Ideas

30 Gorgeous Bathroom Island Design Ideas (1)

house8055.com – Bathroom island? Yep, that’s right. Now that an island pretty much comes standard in any upgraded kitchen, its allure has extended to the loo, too. And for good reason: An island provides tons of storage and counter space and is easily accessible on all sides. Aesthetically speaking, it looks très cool.

According to Leah Tuttleman, a certified designer at Re-Bath, those are the two main reasons homeowners ask for bathroom islands. As people gravitate toward homes with bigger bathrooms (please let that be my future, pretty please), Tuttleman predicts we will begin to see this “less as a trend, and more as a common-sense approach to a spacious bathroom design.”

So, would You consider an island in my bathroom if You wanted a “wow” moment that wasn’t the typical glass shower door, bold patterned tile or clawfoot soaker? You bet, and I wish more designers would, too. Just be sure you have space and that you’re choosing something that will look good from all angles

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