26 Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas That You Will Love

26 Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas That You Will Love (1)

house8055.com – A bathroom without a mirror is a never-completed set. Hence, a bathroom mirror becomes one of the important things not to overlook. To select a mirror, you need to consider its functional and decorative value. Some bathroom activities, such as applying makeup and brushing teeth, need a mirror for proper results.

The cabinet serves you as storage. However, there are many double-duty cabinets available in the store now. These double-duty take the role of storage and mirror. Store your items inside the cabinet and get a mirror from the cabinet door. Yes, the cabinet door acts as a mirror because it is designed with a mirror attached.

If you are not interested in a mirrored cabinet, you can consider a hanging mirror. This bathroom mirror idea offers you a playful yet adorable feeling. Adding scones over a hanging mirror gives you an elegant look.

Besides, fixing your round hanging mirror over the schoolhouse sink will give you a dramatic effect. There are various kinds of hanging mirrors to choose from, such as round, rectangle, and oval. There is a mirror with shelves as well if you want a place to store your small items.

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